Wednesday, August 3, 2011

tacoma to NVC

the day started at the house in parkland. i rode with my reasonably loaded bike over to my friend's bike shop, Defianace Bicycles, to check it out. it is a really cool little shop that chris kopp, a buddy of mine from high school, brought into service not too long ago. i got a new pair of bike gloves(planet bike brand) and pumped up my tires.

i took the train from tacoma to centralia. such a nice way to travel with a bicycle when they can just hang the bike up on a hook in the baggage car. the woman sitting next to me was a singer and we had a nice chat.

shortly after passing through chehalis, which i noticed has a most impressive wooden play structure in one of it's parks, i noticed an interesting garden on my right. they had built a structure with plants growing upside-down and buckets hanging as planters. there was a small homemade greenhouse of lumber and glass with raised beds of a large vegetable garden surrounding it. i decided i had to stop to chat and ask for a drink of water. i first met ryan, who told me when i commented on the garden, "we're working towards self-sufficiency. this is just a start." his wife and two kids came out and i got a little tour of the garden. these folks gave me a lot of hope for humanity. in addition to continuing expansion of the vegetable garden, they are going to get some milking sheep.

i made it to the vipassana center shortly before dark and was greeted with a table full of food to dig into as i liked. heavenly.

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