Monday, October 31, 2011


i made the crusts and filled one of these pies with blackberry, apple, and rhubarb. jude made the pumpkin filling for the other. what a pleasure to behold and devour!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

green string experience

i came here to Green String Farm to learn some ways to give back as i receive. my focus is specifically on understanding the needs of the soil and using composting to heal the soil.
nine other interns and i live in an old farm house and share lunch and dinner on weekdays. we have a regular schedule of chores, every morning starting at 7am, and working for the farm starting at 8. we then have a lesson every weekday after lunch. this is most often with Bob Connard, the main coordinator of this farm. he's the big boss. he is a very spiritually activated and hard-working man.

in one lesson i learned how to transplant starts:

a clump of babies in the right hand, take one in the left, pull soil aside with right middle finger, deposit plant in the hole as finger is pulled out, pinch soil around plant.

other lessons included; compost tea, irrigation, broadcasting seed in flats and as cover crop, compost, building a compost pile, dowsing, stream restoration, repairing tools, gun use, tractor use, chainsaw use, tool care, plant health characteristics, marketing, plant propagation, bud grafting, herbalism, fossil fuel and politics... and more.

check out the green string website if you like.

this is a picture of me sharing mulberries, which were generously given by one of the trees near the farm store and chicken coop.

i'll try to post more about my experience later on with more pictures!